Mjölk cap, Marshmallow

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Mjölk knotted cap is made of soft 100% knitted cotton. The fabric is elastic, does not cause allergies, gives the baby a feeling of coziness and comfort. You can easily adjust the depth of the cap yourself. An older baby can wear it without a fold, it’s also possible to tie a knot on top. Knowing your baby’s head circumference will help you choose the right size.

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38-42см, 42-46см, 46-50см


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Size Guide

  • Bonnets
  • Caps

Size table for Bonnets

Baby’s ageHead circumference, cmMjolk size
0-1 month34-35 cm56-62
1 month36-37 cm56-62
2 months38-39 cm56-62
3 months40-41 cm56-62
6 months43-44 cm56-62
9 months45-46 cm68-74
1 year46-47 cm68-74
2-3 years48-49 cm80-86

Size table for Caps

Baby’s ageHead circumference, cmMjolk size
0-1 month34-35 cm38-42
1 month36-37 cm38-42
2 months38-39 cm38-42
3 months40-41 cm38-42
6 months43-44 cm42-46
9 months45-46 cm42-46
1 year46-47 cm46-50
2-3 years48-49 cm46-50