Care Instructions

Most of our items are made from 100% natural cotton. In order that our items could bring you and your baby comfort and pleasure for a long time we recommend that you observe the following instructions.


  • Pre-wash at a water temperature of +40 ° C is required.
  • Sort items by color and type of fabric. The easiest way to sort by color is to put separately light, dark and colored items. Do not wash knitted cotton items together with loop towels or woolen items, as they can cause pilling.
  • Fasten up all hooks and zippers because fasteners can snag the fabric and damage the serging seams. Don’t wash together with Velcro fastened clothes.
  • Turn the clothes inside out as it will help keep the colors vibrant.
  • The items are suitable for hand and machine wash at a water temperature of no more than +40 ° C. Velour and knitted cotton with the print ‘Blots’ must be washed at exactly 40 degrees.
  • When using a machine wash, select a delicate wash and spin at low speeds. 
  • For knitted cotton items, it is recommended to use mild cleaning agents: gels for delicate fabrics, powders for baby clothes, even hair shampoo can be suitable. 
  • Knitted cotton items can be pre-soaked in cool soapy water for no more than half an hour.
  • It’s not recommended to use bleaching agents for knitted cotton fabric as they can damage the fabric and color of the item. 
  • To remove stains from clothes, they can be treated with soap and soaked for 15-20 minutes before washing. The use of a chlorine-free stain remover is allowed, but it is always best to first check the action of the selected chemical agent on an invisible part of clothing.


Knitted cotton and muslin items and clothes can lose their original shape when washed and dried on a line: they can become stretched or disproportional.

  • We recommend that you dry the washed items unfolded, giving them the correct shape. You can lay the items flat on loop towels.
  • If you don’t have a possibility to lay clothes flat for drying, then you can hang them, be sure to carefully stretch them into the correct shape before that.


Knit cotton clothing items tend to shrink after washing. Restoring the items’ original appearance and size can be achieved not only by performing recommendations for drying but also by correct ironing.

  • Items must be ironed in a steam setting for cotton or a steam generator can be used.
  • When ironing, it’s recommend to slightly stretch the fabric with your hand to reduce shrinkage. 
  • It is recommended to iron velour and fleece jumper suits only from the inner side of the cloth.
  • Muslin items do not need ironing but if you wish to do so, then use steam ironing settings.
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